You’re thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant. Here are 10 questions you should ask before you hire your Virtual Assistant.

10 Questions to Ask your Virtual Assistant

You want someone to sift through emails, looking for potential clients. Or write some blog posts that will attract attention to your business. Or even clear up the admin backlog in your business.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a great idea! But sometimes, there are things that happen that you wish you had known before you signed the contract.

With that in mind, I’ve got 10 important questions to ask your Virtual Assistant before you sign on the dotted line.W

What is Your Privacy Policy?

It seems odd to ask someone you intend to work with if they have a Privacy Policy. VAs may have access to personal or business information. So be sure that the VA you hire won’t invade your personal space. Or use your business information for nefarious purposes.

You may want to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) or another legal document that protects your business and personal information.

How Often Do We Need to Communicate?

This is totally dependent on the project that the VA will be working on. But it’s useful to know ahead of the start of the project how often you can expect an update from your Virtual Assistant. W

Will We Communicate Via Email or Text?

This sounds silly, but you need clarity on your preferred communication channel. Otherwise, you could spend your day chasing your VA from your email inbox to text messages to missed phone calls.

My suggestion is pick one channel and stick with it; that way all parties involved know exactly where to look for updates, questions, queries and reports.D

Do You Charge For Phone Calls or Other Communication?

It’s not common practice for VAs to charge you a fee for each phone call or communication. It’s good idea to ask before accepting a quote or signing a contract if your VA charges for these things. It’s best to avoid getting a surprise on your invoice at the end of the project.W

What Will You Charge Me For Reverts and Edits?

For those in any creative business – including some VAs – revert doesn’t mean go back to the previous version. It means that it is an opportunity for the VA to go back to the brief and your comments and make the necessary changes to the project.

It’s important that there are a set number of reverts included in the quote that your VA provides. This is because the VA may have misunderstood your original idea. Or they may have executed the project in a way that doesn’t suit you. One or two reverts allows you to ask for those changes without incurring any additional fees. Be sure to agree on the number of reverts that suits you both.

If you exceed the number of free reverts, you should know how much it will cost each time you want changes. 

Simply put: it keeps you and the VA focused on the project, by making sure you both understand what is necessary.W

What Happens if You Go on Holiday?

Working with a VA on a retainer basis is an awesome idea. It’s also a good idea to ask them about their holiday or vacation policies. Will they continue working on your project while they are away? Will they be reachable by phone or email during their holiday? 

This decision will be up to you and the VA – there’s no real standard procedure for this.

What Happens in the Event of An Emergency?

Life happens. Even to your VA. Ask them about their policies regarding sick days or other emergencies that may spring up unannounced. Super important if your deadline for the end of your project is coming up. And it’s even more important if there is a launch or other time-sensitive event involved. D

Do I Need To Give You My Password?

If your VA is going to be working in your email account or a database account, you’ll have to give them the login and password information for the account.

My recommendation is to use a new login and/or password just for the duration of the project. 

But for a typing or graphic design project, this step wouldn’t be necessary. 

Do I Need To Pay For The Software You Use?

You might have to!

This, again, will depend on the VA you choose.

If you need something specific from your Virtual Assistant, and it requires the purchasing and learning of new software, you should expect to handle this cost.

But, for general projects, you won’t have to shoulder that cost.

How Long Is The Quotation Valid?

This is kind of a biggie. Quotes help a VA keep track of how many new projects they are taking on. Letting them wait for an answer too long might mean that they accept other clients in the meantime. And that leaves you without a VA.

Be sure to answer as soon as possible when receiving a quote from your VA. Also, don’t be afraid to ask what the costs are for, if it is not clearly indicated on the quotation.

Now that you know which questions to ask your Virtual Assistant, you can go out and appoint the newest member of your business team. Happy hiring!


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