Posting on social media without a proper social media strategy can lead to seriously avoidable mistakes.

Most dance studios have social media profiles. I bet your studio has a Facebook page, an Instagram profile and a website. I can also guess that your social media presence isn’t what you want or need it to be.

So many studios squirrel around, looking for something to post, just for the sake of posting it. And don’t consider the power that being visible, connected and credible on social media can bring to your dance studio.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that dance studios make on social media:

Posting Low Quality Photos & Videos

Bad, blurry or tilted photos and videos are a cardinal sin on your social media profiles!

It’s not necessary to ply your images and videos with filters, graphics and tints. But it is necessary – in fact, required – that anything you post on your social media pages is high quality.

Bad photos bad to look at, but they also reflect badly on your dance studio, your business and your brand. The photos can create the impression that you don’t take your studio seriously. Or that you are not professional or competitive.

The temptation to post often on social media can lead to posting poorly-snapped pics, but don’t let it! Set up your studio’s social media strategy today and get to snapping beautiful photos and videos!

dance studio
There’s nothing wrong with this photo – it just isn’t STRIKING enough. It doesn’t grab attention as it should. You want to click away from this post right now, don’t you?

Not Posting Frequently Enough

This isn’t just about posting something every day. It’s about working with a social media strategy that facilitates frequent posting and aligns with your business goals and strategies.

By working with a social media strategy, you can plan ahead. You can create amazing and engaging content for your dance studio. Think about countdowns to exciting announcements, pre-sales for recital tickets and fun posts about your rehearsals for your competitions.

Creating a posting schedule also helps to create a habit with your online community.

Posting infrequently or going through binge posting cycles means your followers never know when to expect new information from your studio.

They won’t be waiting for info on your upcoming recital, ticket sales and calls for help with costuming.

They won’t be waiting for you at all.

Post daily. Post amazing content. Teach your followers to expect you in their newsfeed.

Dance Studio Social Media
Think creative! A photo like this would be a great post to market your flexibility programme or classes.

Content & Captions Don’t Contain a Call to Action

Just posting random information in a caption makes your social media ineffective and – sorry to say – pointless.

Using social media for your business is more than posting about your classes or your dancers’ achievements.

It is about establishing your dance studio online and connecting with your audience, dancers and parents. Social media also attracts new clients and drives your audience to booking classes with your dance studio.

Every piece of content you post online – photo, video, quote, graphic, blog post – must have a Call to Action. Something that asks your audience to engage with your social media and your business.

Dance Studio Social Media
An interesting photo like this could be a good way to advertise your adult ballet classes on Mondays and Thursdays, for example.

Your captions should tell your audience what you want them to do. Whether that is to like your business on Facebook, to enter your giveaway on Instagram or enroll in your brand new classes.

Not Posting Blog Content

Blog content is so important for a number of reasons.

First, regular, high-quality blog content boosts your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and improves your Google search result rankings.

You want to be at the top of the search results list. And the more good content you post, the better!

Second, your blog content builds your credibility online. New and potential dance studio clients will look you up before they make a choice to join your classes. Showing your expertise in your dance disciplines will make you stand out from other dance studios in the area.

Third, blog content can help you build your dance studio community online. Your dancers, parents and fans form your community and with high-quality content, these people become your brand ambassadors.

They will share and like your content. They’ll promote and purchase your studio merchandise and spread the word about your competitions and recitals.

Creating blog content is an amazing and free way to market your dance studio.


They Don’t Stick to Their Brand

Have a look at successful dance studios – any successful business, really – and you’ll notice that they are instantly recognisable. For example, Virgin Active’s striking red and white logo or Nike’s iconic swish.

Your dance studio has a brand and it should be reflected in every aspect of your business persona. The language you choose, the colour palette you’ve selected, your blog content and the images and captions you post.

Not sticking to your brand on your social media platforms is a missed opportunity! It can grow your visibility online and expand your brand and business.

Understanding and mastering your social media strategy can improve your dance studio’s online presence. It will also help you leverage your brand and your business.

By avoiding these simple mistakes, your studio’s social pages can finally do the heavy lifting they were built for!

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