Why do you need an uncluttered inbox? Because a messy, cluttered inbox can be bad for business.

5 Tips for an Uncluttered Inbox

That notification bubble reads 78 unread emails – and the last thing you feel like doing is going through each one of them.

So you select them all and hit ‘delete’ or you ignore them and let the unread emails stack up.

But doing that means that you could be losing out on important client queries, questions or comments.

So, how do you unclutter your inbox?

Set Aside “Inbox Time”

Emails can take up half your workday!

Consider setting aside “Inbox Time” – a section of your workday dedicated to working through your inbox.

Several clients that I work with use this method of staying on top of their emails. In fact, one client of mine actually has an automated mail response for incoming mails, explaining that they only check their inbox during a certain time of day.

This means that you dedicate time to your inbox. You can keep it clear and managed, while making sure you attend to each client query and question.

Read Emails as They Come In

This one requires some serious dedication to your inbox!   Keeping your inbox open in your browser can be super distracting. Every notification that comes in moves you away from the task at hand.

As a result, it can seriously derail your productivity.   Depending on your business and your workflow each day, this option could be very useful… if you can return to your task ASAP.

Use Email Filters for an Uncluttered Inbox

This is my personal favourite method of keeping your inbox uncluttered, clear and totally manageable.

It requires a little setup time, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Create filters of your choice to move certain groups of emails into folders. It makes it much easier to archive emails once you’re done with them. And you can skip the inbox entirely if you want.

Use Email Labels

Email labels can make your inbox much easier to navigate.

It’s simple to add the labels to your emails and the colour-coding options means it’s much easier to spot what you’re looking for while scrolling through your inbox. 

Pairing the labels with the use of filters will mean that future emails that drop into your inbox from a chosen person or company will already be labelled!

Empty Your Inbox Every Week

This again will require a dedicated time in your work week.

Set aside an hour or two each week to run through the emails you didn’t have time for throughout the week. 

By doing this, you can still reply to the client queries and comments you have received within an acceptable timeframe.

As small business owners, we really can’t afford to be bogged down by a cluttered inbox! 

We need to be out there, getting new clients and providing the best service for our current clients.

So don’t let a messy inbox cost you valuable business. Clear it out and enjoy your uncluttered inbox!

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