Creating a colour palette for your Personal Training business is an important step in developing and creating your business and your brand identity. 


It’s about choosing the right colours for your brand and your business. Something that instills confidence, trust and loyalty in your business.

It sounds more complicated than it is – you simply need to choose the colours you would like associated with your brand and business as a Personal Trainer.

Creating your colour palette won’t take you longer than an hour – at that’s at the most. But the value of choosing the colours best suited to your brand is incalculable.

Identify your Target Market

In your business plan, you will have identified the target market you hope to serve with your business.

Something like: women, between the ages of 25 and 40, with full-time jobs and very little time for the gym. Or maybe you want to work with men and women interested in training for ultra marathons.

The reason for identifying your target market is to help you pinpoint other businesses that they may be interested in.

By doing this, you can see which colours your target market are drawn to and use this information to help you make your colour palette decision.

Personal Trainer Target Market

Check Your Competitors

Do a quick online search and see what colours your competitors are working with. The last thing you want to do is *accidentally* pick the same colour identity as your business rivals!

Colour is a great way to stand out from the crowd of other trainers in your area and online.

This doesn’t mean that because the trainer down the street uses red in their branding that you can’t use it either! But, be careful of using the exact same hues, shades and tints of the colours they use or you’ll end up looking like you work there!

Colour Psychology

Colour is a great form of non-verbal communication! It can instantly set the tone, mood and personality of your brand.

Red can indicate power and passion, while a light blue can evoke feelings of tranquility and calm.

By choosing the right colours for your brand, your clients – and potential clients – will know what to expect from you and your business.

Is your personal training style tough and methodical? Then you’d probably consider colours like black, red and gray.

Or perhaps fun and quirky? Then you might consider bright, fun colours.

Colour Psychology for Personal Trainers

Pick 3 – 5 colours for your brand

Now that you’ve done your research on your target market and your competitors, you need to put together your brand’s colour palette.

I suggest picking three to five colours you’d like associated with you and your brand. They can even be your favourites, if you like (as long as it relates to your clients and business!)

Choose two or three colours that will be your main brand colours, while the remaining colours can act as a splash of colour.

Personal Trainer Brand Colours
This image is a good example of inspiration for brand colours: a spritely mix of mint green and dusty pink as a pop of colour, combined with the crisp white and the earthy brown, pointed with stark black.

Experiment With Colour

Try a few different colour palettes with your brand and see which one really speaks to you!

Make one colour a shade darker or lighter, match it with a contrasting or complementary colour and add a neutral colour or two to offset the brightness.

PT colours

A colour palette can enhance your brand identity – even as a solopreneur!

Remember to consider your target market, your competitors, your favourite colours and colour psychology when creating your colour palette.


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