Achieving a consistent brand identity as a Personal Trainer is more important than you might think.

Consistent Brand Identity Personal Trainer

It’s more than just a logo or a website: a brand identity is the amalgamation of all your brand elements – your colour palette, your font choices, your images and your message.

All these things make you instantly recognisable on- and offline.

However, the last thing you want is the same images and colours used in exactly the same way throughout your branding. It’s boring and predictable. And you want to stand out.

Brand Identity

Think of your brand identity as a golden thread that unifies all your brand elements: from your business cards to your Facebook Page to your dress code when you’re training clients.

Your brand is bigger than this.

It is the way you work or run your business; it’s the services you offer and how you provide value to your clients. And, it’s the values and principles you follow in your business practices.

Your brand is also the public face of your business; it is how people see you and your business, especially in relation to others.

How do you begin grasping hold of that golden thread?

Determine your Brand Personality

Your brand personality can be defined as the way your clients, potential clients and audience feel about your business and your brand.

It’s important that your clients and audience can relate to you and your business, because this is an important factor in their decision making process! Relating to your brand makes them choose you over another trainer.

How would you describe your business?

  • High energy
  • Cutting Edge
  • Sophisticated
  • Kickass

These are some examples of brand personality descriptions that form part of your brand identity!

Create Your Colour Palette

Colour is an immensely important visual aspect of your brand. Your clients and audience subconsciously connect with the colours you’ve chosen on an emotional level.

Importantly, colours are a non-verbal way to communicate your brand values, mission and personality.

Traditionally, black is bold and classic; green is soothing and natural; white is pure and serene; blue is confident and energetic.

Pick 3 – 5 colours you’d like associated with your brand: two or three of those colours will serve as your primary colour palette, while the rest will add splashes of colour for aesthetics and interest!


Choosing Your Font Family

Fonts can have a massive impact on the recognisability of your brand.

Think about Disney and the swirling font that creates the idea of magic. How about Coca-Cola and that swish font? Or the terrifying Jurassic Park lettering? (That’s a movie, I know, but still super recognisable, right?!)

Usually, you should choose one serif font and a complementary sans serif font. You could also add in another interesting font, such as a brush or handwriting font style, for some visual interest.

Coca Cola Fonts
Coca-Cola’s Famous Font Pairing: a serious serif font paired with their recognisable brush script.

Experiment with some font pairings for your brand.

Remember, that these will be the fonts you use in your logo, on your website and even your business cards. So pick something easy to read that suits your brand!

High-Quality Brand Images

The most important part of using images and graphics for your brand identity is that they must be high-quality.

Poor quality photos or badly-designed graphics give your clients the impression that you don’t take yourself or your business seriously – and that costs you business!

Being a Personal Trainer requires a lot of visual advertising: potential clients want to see how you can help them achieve the results they want. And blurry photos will tell them you’re not the trainer they want to work with – no matter how great you are!

It’s also one of the easiest brand identity elements to get right.

Get some professional photos taken to use on your website, your social media pages and your brand identity elements. You won’t regret it!

Personal Trainer Brand Photos

Check Your Work Wardrobe

As a Personal Trainer, the most important aspect of your brand identity is YOU. Your clients spend their hard-earned money investing in your services.

As a result, what you wear is a crucial part of your brand identity.

Do you wear leggings or shorts? Tight or loose shirts? Is your work clothing branded with your logo?

Or, you can bring your brand identity to life by choosing your work clothing based on the colour palette you’ve created for your brand.

Remember the importance of colour psychology in establishing an emotional connection between your client and your brand? You can reinforce that with your choice of clothing and accessories.

Keep it Consistent

Now that you have all these brand identity elements, it’s time to put them in place!

Upload those amazing high-quality photos to your website and your social media pages. You should also use these photo on your business cards and any other marketing materials you plan on using.

Create the kickass graphics you need for your blog and social media content. Add your logo, your colour palette and the elements of your brand personality.

You’ve done it! Your Personal Training business now has a consistent brand that will make sure you put your best foot forward and become recognizable with your clients!

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