Meal Prepping: Do it!

Not just an Insta Fad

Meal prepping isn’t just a fitness fad or an Instagram hashtag. It’s a lifestyle choice that saves you money and time and makes it so easy to eat well. Food has become so expensive and it’s so wasteful to chuck rotten food away.

If you’re not meal prepping yet, ask yourself why!

It Saves Money

Throwing out a half head of lettuce or some squishy tomatoes is pretty standard practice in most households. You intend to eat your veggies and salad all week long – we all do! – and then real life gets in the way. An unexpected family visit to a restaurant, a late evening at work or a tricky evening with the little ones can sometimes mean we forget about the salad and choose a quicker and easier option.

But constantly making food choices based on convenience and ease starts eating away at your bank balance. Whether it is buying a fast food option, eating most of your meals at a café or restaurant or having to empty the fridge of expired fresh foods, bad eating choices cost you serious money.

Meal prepping is all about buying enough – and only enough – food to create three meals per day and allow for three snack options. I’m a huge fan of eating six times a day and meal prep makes it easy.

No more chucking away good food; just easy and yummy options!

It Saves Time

I know; all that cooking and portioning and planning sounds tedious, but an hour of meal prepping on a weekend can save your hours in the week.  By preparing your meal options for the week, you will eliminate the temptation to grab the easy food choice and stick to a healthier and fresher meal plan. It also means you’ll cut down on the amount of time you spend popping into the shops after work.

Go to a weekly shop with a grocery list and set aside an hour or two to cut, chop, dice, cook and steam your food items before portioning it out into containers.

It Controls Portion Sizes

One of the biggest weight gain culprits is eating oversized portions! Many people will notice an immediate loss of weight when they have adjusted their portion sizes. For South Africans, we simply can’t resist the big steaks, the starchy sides and bread!

And it is such a simple fix.

Meal prepping allows you to control your portions, taking the guesswork out of your meal’s size and ingredients. Just pick out your meal and eat it!

Planning for snack time means you won’t reach for a sugary treat or skip your snack, which can lead to overeating at the next meal.

It Provides Structure

Knowing what you are going to eat for dinner tonight or breakfast tomorrow morning makes your life much easier. It’s like choosing your outfit the night before.

There are so many decisions we each have to make every day and worrying about making the right food choices – and feeling guilty when we make the wrong food choices – takes up too much brain space.

It Gives You Choices

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

One: Open the fridge and choose your food. Two: Heat or plate your food. Three: Eat.

Healthy and easy, which is my favourite part!




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