You’re a small business owner, hustling hard to make every cent count. So why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

There are days where you just can’t keep up with your emails. And you never manage to get around to loading all your client data into that brand new software that will change your life. As a result, you feel like you’ve wasted money on that software. You feel guilty about not getting around to it.

You dream of having an intern or an assistant that could do all of that for you. Then, you can focus on the clients and building your business. You don’t have money for an assistant, right?


A Virtual Assistant is the answer!

A Virtual Assistant Does the Boring Work For You

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) sounds like an unnecessary business expense.

Why should I hire someone to manage my emails for me, when I can do it myself…for free?

While that is technically true, your time isn’t exactly free. Because every minute you spend wrangling your email inbox, queries, comments and replies, is a minute you don’t spend building your business. A minute you are not connecting with your existing clients or getting new clients on the books.

The extra time you will need to take – say, your evenings or weekends perhaps – to enter your client information into your new accounting or management software, costs you time and money.

Virtual Assistants can manage these tasks for you. They free up your time to focus on what is really important in your business… and your life. For instance, having a coffee catch-up with your friend.

Coffee Catch Ups

Virtual Assistant Pricing is Flexible

You might be thinking that Virtual Assistants must be insanely expensive – way beyond the reach of a small business owner like yourself.

The good news is that VAs have flexible pricing!

Virtual Assistants can charge per hour, per project or work on a retainer basis. And all these prices or pricing packages can be tailored to suit your particular needs. For instance, simple typing might work out much cheaper per hour or per project that a labour-intensive data entry project.

Virtual Assistants Are Experts

Virtual Assistants are (usually*) experts in their field, which is why they offer the services that they do. Some VAs will offer professional graphic design services. That’s usually because they’re experts in professional graphic design.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant means that you can afford high-quality graphic design or email management services or social media management – but without the big business invoice.

It also means that you don’t need to know how to design graphics for your website or brand – because the VA will do it for you.

*Be sure to check out a Virtual Assistant before you hire them. Check their websites, social media pages, testimonials and portfolios. Remember to ask any questions you may have upfront.

Virtual Assistants Work Quickly

Virtual Assistants tend to be efficient and quick – or they wouldn’t be working with administrative tasks, am I right?

The real advantage of hiring a VA to work on your administrative tasks is that they complete these tasks while you are working on your business. Your admin tasks and business tasks run parallel!

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant Can Enhance Your Business

Ever wanted to start an email newsletter selling your products to customers?

Do you want to improve your website or start a blog to boost business?

VAs can help you explore new avenues to enhance and grow your business. And you won’t have to manage the process at all!

No creation or development or management of these new business avenues – until you are ready to take it on on your own.

What are you waiting for?



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